Did You Feel Angry Today?

So, I woke up, about a week ago, fully annoyed… apparently my mom forgot to shut off the alarm and I woke up way ahead of time with a horrible headache. I spent the complete day feeling irritated and when I was about to sleep at night, I thought, why the hell was I upset the whole day? Like, why did I waste my entire day being snappy and moody?

Well, I was hearing this story the other day about this couple, newly married and blessed with love. The wife became pregnant within a few days, as expected, until a twist by fate. The baby was some other man’s offspring. So, her husband, under the veil of anger, shot his pregnant wife and himself.

In my eyes, I seethed at the fact that the woman cheated, but what my friend made me realize was, it was the fault of the husband as well. Who gave him the right to vent out his anger on his wife?

Everyone feels angry and irritated, it’s not a situation we can avoid, can we? It’s an emotion that takes control over our logical thinking and we end up taking wrong decisions, hurting others and adding negativity to our mood as well. It only urges us to be more annoyed and snappy, isn’t it? Why should somebody else bear the brunt of our anger?

The secret to manage your blues is to change Yourself…

·         If something goes wrong, don’t get all snappy. It might lead to something better. Whatever happens, happens for a reason.

·         Try to restrict talking to others and meditate when you’re angry because it may make you speak unintended words which may cause irreparable damage.

·          Keep your environment clutter free. It elevates the Dopamine levels (brain’s chemical, you don’t want to mess with it, it gives horrible mood swings if low!) and makes you feel relaxed and calm.

·         Exercising is a great way to reduce your anger. On expending your energy, you release stress and Endorphins, a feel good hormone which helps in your well-being and boosts happiness, other than keeping you fit!

·         And the last, tell yourself ‘I am not going to be angry’ over and over until the urge dies out.

Life is too short to remain angry with others. Spread love and cheer and watch everyone love you back!


2 thoughts on “Did You Feel Angry Today?

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  1. What you described is completely right and i am really glad that i can relate this personally coz i have seen you accepting these​ facts so that you can have a whole positive environment around you to make you feel motivated and enthusiastic.

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