Have you faced Depression?

Yes, I have faced it and most of us have too. No, it’s not a disorder really.

I had it and I didn’t realize it until now. Yes, I had depression and so many people whom I have met have had it, albeit generally in grade 11 and 12, others in some year of college.

So let me start with this short story of mine, I promise it won’t bore you.

I had changed my school and yes, I had been released from this huge web of politics my earlier school had and I felt great to start over, unfortunately a bad one. Life was feeling great but I was suddenly thrown into this huge circle of tuitions, coaching classes and… a new school. A new examination system of weekly tests exhausted me but no, I lost my weekends too, to coaching classes. I was under this huge stress, trying to make sense of this new Science stream I had opted and above of that, I wasn’t sure I’d pursue medical or non-medical after school. And then, I dipped in my marks because all every parent wants are grades here.

Every day fights prevailed with my dad and we ended up wounding each other emotionally. I grew distant with my family, so much so that I started relying more on my friends for everything. 12th finished and at this point I was happy to leave my home for college hostels far away.

I, after 3 years realized I was in depression. I cried every single day then, wishing I could shut out this situation.

Coming back to the point, I am here to share my story so that if you are in such a situation, it’s not only you, almost all of us have faced it till this point.

Parents put a monumental pressure on their kids for namely two reasons:

·         To outperform others.

·         To score up to their expectations.

Each parent sets goals for their kid at a skyscraper length and even if the child could reach there, he won’t. Excessive pressure on children leads to:

·         Low motivation

·         Negative attitude

·         Anger

·         Negative energy in the family

·         Resentment

·         Depression

I am not writing this by searching other blogs and websites, I have seen this happening with myself and my friends.

If you have faced this, please understand that depression will only ruin your life. Look towards the brighter side of life and keep yourself motivated towards ‘your’ goals and not anybody else’s.

Yes, you can do it. Nobody can tell you that you’re not good enough because those who say so, do not know you. Make it a point in your life to show your own self that You Are Worth It.


Yes, it is necessary to score marks, all thanks to our education system, but not at the end of the dangling knife of depression.


8 thoughts on “Have you faced Depression?

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  1. Nicely written and very relatable and engaging.
    I think if we as individuals take everything as a challenge and an opportunity to grow, that would be good enough to eliminate depression. Self motivation plays a great role too.

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  2. Nicely written first blog and it is impressive but I don’t agree with you. I think may be you didn’t tried to have a conversation with your parents where there is a place for logic rather than emotions. Parents understand us just there is a need to take a stand and make them understand.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Aman! Actually, i did but everyone has a different situation at home. I have never said so that parents are wrong or don’t understand, it’s just that my parents are different than yours and they didn’t understand my point. Nevertheless i am thankful to them for choosing my life path but they too realized that they couldn’t moderate the situation we faced.

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  3. Great piece of emotions. But depression is caused by more factors than this. In old days, people had the situation of life and death. Young kids marches into wars. But depression wasn’t that common. So I empathise with your situation. But it solely wasn’t the reason for depression. Their are other ‘invisible’ factors


  4. This is so wonderful and honest but you’ve missed some critical and ‘invisible’ factors that could lead to depression. And yes it’s not a disorder but is just as serious and life-threatening as any physical ailment. In most cases where a person struggles with depression, it cripples their ability to look at the bright side of life. Also, i could relate to it at many levels. More power to you ❤

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