Did You Feel Angry Today?

So, I woke up, about a week ago, fully annoyed… apparently my mom forgot to shut off the alarm and I woke up way ahead of time with a horrible headache. I spent the complete day feeling irritated and when I was about to sleep at night, I thought, why the hell was I upset the whole day? Like, why did I waste my entire day being snappy and moody?

Well, I was hearing this story the other day about this couple, newly married and blessed with love. The wife became pregnant within a few days, as expected, until a twist by fate. The baby was some other man’s offspring. So, her husband, under the veil of anger, shot his pregnant wife and himself.

In my eyes, I seethed at the fact that the woman cheated, but what my friend made me realize was, it was the fault of the husband as well. Who gave him the right to vent out his anger on his wife?

Everyone feels angry and irritated, it’s not a situation we can avoid, can we? It’s an emotion that takes control over our logical thinking and we end up taking wrong decisions, hurting others and adding negativity to our mood as well. It only urges us to be more annoyed and snappy, isn’t it? Why should somebody else bear the brunt of our anger?

The secret to manage your blues is to change Yourself…

·         If something goes wrong, don’t get all snappy. It might lead to something better. Whatever happens, happens for a reason.

·         Try to restrict talking to others and meditate when you’re angry because it may make you speak unintended words which may cause irreparable damage.

·          Keep your environment clutter free. It elevates the Dopamine levels (brain’s chemical, you don’t want to mess with it, it gives horrible mood swings if low!) and makes you feel relaxed and calm.

·         Exercising is a great way to reduce your anger. On expending your energy, you release stress and Endorphins, a feel good hormone which helps in your well-being and boosts happiness, other than keeping you fit!

·         And the last, tell yourself ‘I am not going to be angry’ over and over until the urge dies out.

Life is too short to remain angry with others. Spread love and cheer and watch everyone love you back!

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Have you faced Depression?

Yes, I have faced it and most of us have too. No, it’s not a disorder really.

I had it and I didn’t realize it until now. Yes, I had depression and so many people whom I have met have had it, albeit generally in grade 11 and 12, others in some year of college.

So let me start with this short story of mine, I promise it won’t bore you.

I had changed my school and yes, I had been released from this huge web of politics my earlier school had and I felt great to start over, unfortunately a bad one. Life was feeling great but I was suddenly thrown into this huge circle of tuitions, coaching classes and… a new school. A new examination system of weekly tests exhausted me but no, I lost my weekends too, to coaching classes. I was under this huge stress, trying to make sense of this new Science stream I had opted and above of that, I wasn’t sure I’d pursue medical or non-medical after school. And then, I dipped in my marks because all every parent wants are grades here.

Every day fights prevailed with my dad and we ended up wounding each other emotionally. I grew distant with my family, so much so that I started relying more on my friends for everything. 12th finished and at this point I was happy to leave my home for college hostels far away.

I, after 3 years realized I was in depression. I cried every single day then, wishing I could shut out this situation.

Coming back to the point, I am here to share my story so that if you are in such a situation, it’s not only you, almost all of us have faced it till this point.

Parents put a monumental pressure on their kids for namely two reasons:

·         To outperform others.

·         To score up to their expectations.

Each parent sets goals for their kid at a skyscraper length and even if the child could reach there, he won’t. Excessive pressure on children leads to:

·         Low motivation

·         Negative attitude

·         Anger

·         Negative energy in the family

·         Resentment

·         Depression

I am not writing this by searching other blogs and websites, I have seen this happening with myself and my friends.

If you have faced this, please understand that depression will only ruin your life. Look towards the brighter side of life and keep yourself motivated towards ‘your’ goals and not anybody else’s.

Yes, you can do it. Nobody can tell you that you’re not good enough because those who say so, do not know you. Make it a point in your life to show your own self that You Are Worth It.


Yes, it is necessary to score marks, all thanks to our education system, but not at the end of the dangling knife of depression.

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Social Media Trends : Hey! You Have a Message! ~ Anonymous

‘Get anonymous and honest feedback about yourself.’ – Sayat.me, Sarahah

‘Hey, speak it on my face, don’t bitch behind me.’ – Said no one ever

Umm, excusez-moi! Have you hopped on the bandwagon of the new social media delights? So you’re already using Sarahah and have been through Sayat.me too? Next what? Blue Whale?

Sarahah, Sayat.me the anonymous ‘feedback’ tools and Blue whale, the game of death… What are we promoting? Cyber suicides? Cyber bullying?

Sayat.me and Sarahah have kicked up a storm of never ending ‘honest’ feedbacks from close ones and anonymous alike, and everyone’s enjoying it, till those hate comments start pouring in, spiralling down to anger from the user and hatred from the comment dropper. The truth is, not everyone likes you and everyone has different views for everybody. One may be beautiful for one and a slut for another. One may be handsome for one and ugly for the other. You may defend these sites, you use them yourself, but why do you have to spoil your day for someone who wrote something mean for you? Whose validation do you need to know you look great to feel good about yourself? You may say it’s for fun, everyone’s doing it… do it, but don’t fall into that trap of delusion.

It’s this delusion and next to be is Blue Whale, an interesting death-cussion topic, a trap to depressed and a scary game at behest. 3 deaths in India already, 100 and more internationally. A Russian man, a great follower of perhaps Charles Darwin, wanted to eradicate the weak aka depressed from the strong population because… ‘survival of the fittest’. Hey sir, who are you to decide for others lives? A challenge of 50 days, cuts and marks, and finally, death at one’s own hands. Hey Darwin, look what you started!

Before you hit the comments that I use social media too, yep I do, but I am warning against the trends. Why are we making these social media tools famous that are the next home for bullies? Let’s face it, we know people talk behind us, nobody is goody-two-shoes.

I just decided to blog it because I think it’s sad that social media trends tend to be on the dangerous side. But it’s for you to decide how to play it, in or out?

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